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Welcome to Wegrow Africa, an initiative of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) in collaboration Christian Aid, Kenya. This project seeks to strengthen the resilience of poor households and communities to thrive beyond subsistence survival. The intervention is geared towards ensuring there are skills and abilities to access productive assets and be able to engage in income generation activities that help to assure secured livelihoods at the individual, family and community levels. The overall objective is to enhance the financial empowerment of women, youth and the rural poor as a strategy to overcome poverty.


This project intends to train VSLA members on business management and entrepreneurship, build capacity on basic financial literacy and assist in exploring different business plans and ideas of the VSLA members/groups, provide specific vocational trainings to enable them to implement their business plans/ideas as relevant and fund viable and profitable initiatives. This approach is premised on the fact that, the Village Saving and Loans (VSL) model is a credible vehicle strengthening households and community resilience and empowering rural community especially women and youth. These Associations serve as safety net and as capital mobilization avenue to for members to engage in meaningful entrepreneurship activities.


Poor and disadvantaged women and youth access capital for developing business enterprises, and other social welfare activities through their membership of the various configuration of VSLAs groups as well as using the groups as conduit for capacity building and training activities. It is these strengths of the VSLA groups that CAPA and other partners wish to harness in order to assist in providing opportunities for household income diversification and therefore be able to diversify livelihoods as a means of building resilience against economic shocks and vulnerability.

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